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About Tidewater Group

Tidewater Group is the premier boutique Business Development and Operational Advisory to Government services businesses and their stakeholders. We provide Business to Government (B2G) Development Optimization strategy to SBAs, and support operational improvements to portfolio investments across the nation.

No other firm brings our proprietary processes with an exclusive focus on strategic growth to your business.

Tidewater Group delivers personalized services with measurable results. We serve clients that cut across organizations at the local, state and federal levels. Our services include business process improvement, business development, capture management, proposal services, recruiting and staffing, marketing and brand strategy, go-to-market strategies, G&A optimization and private equity consulting.

We are a consulting firm built upon client returns.


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Consulting Services

Business Development - BtoG Optimization®

No other firm brings our proprietary BtoG Optimization® process with an exclusive focus on strategic growth to your firm. Tidewater Group’s BtoG Optimization® service was designed to address specific business development challenges. The goal of Tidewater’s BtoG Opt™ service is to allow decision makers to judge the current state of business development and understand the sustainability, predictability, and certainty of future performance.

Our business development services include:
• Branding and Marketing
• Capture Management
• Go-to-market strategy
• Business Partner development
• Resource library management
• Proposal Services
• Recruiting and Staffing

Operational Performance Improvements

Tidewater Group supports SBAs and middle market companies seeking operational excellence and growth. Collaborating with exceptional management teams and often working with their private equity partners, we help build companies that are more productive, efficient, and valuable.

Our performance improvements services include:
• Operational Strategy
• Business Process Improvement
• SG&A optimization
• Private Equity Advisory
• Executive Recruitment

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